Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aniwaniwa Visitor Centre

Back in January 2004 the John Scott designed visitor centre at Aniwaniwa looked like this:

In May 2011 it looks like this:

In 2004 the Centre was 30 years old. It showed a few signs of its age but no more than you would expect. Seven and a bit years later it is in a tragic state. I'd suggest that this is a maintenance issue rather than a design or build issue.

The Aniwaniwa Visitor Centre is an important Scott building. It is also an important part of New Zealand's architectural heritage. It needs to be saved and preserved, not demolished.

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  1. Tena koe, thanks for making a blog about my favourite architect. When I heard about the possibility of demolition, I drove up there in May to see Te Aniwaniwa, and it certainly is in a sad state.

    Having analysed this design for my research essay last year, and also being of Tuhoe descent, I have developed a strong connection to this Whare taonga. It would be a real shame for a building of this significance to be lost to the people of the land. The next generation of architecture students needs examples like this to experience, to lead NZ design into the future. Cultural values and design work together to welcome the visitors, to introducing them to Te Urewera, its land and trees, and then inviting them in to take physical and spiritual shelter within the building itself.

    Thanks again. I did manage to get 6 pages of petition signed and posted to Futuna.